Tuesday, December 22, 2009

My Dad and niece Dena rolling up dough.

We all pitched in to do Holiday treats even the oldest which is my Dad and the youngest is Dena.

Making Mexican Pasteries for the Holidays

My family and I all making Buñuelos for the holidays, instead of cookies we do something sort of like tortillas with flour and let them dry and fry them. They taste so good, you sprinkle sugar & cinnamon and Wa-la they are so gooood!!!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Updated Barbie Christmas tree

Hello Everyone: I hope you are ready for the holidays because they are just around the corner. I decided that my Barbie Christmas tree need a little more, what do you think? There are some items I added to it, for this year  it is enough, next year  I will be adding more as the years continue. Enjoy your day everyone.


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Antique Santa

Look at this nice Antique Santa I found for only $1.00, good deal hugh.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Close up Kitchen

Love Auntie Maria

Living room

Kitchen / bedroom up stairs

inside house

Play house


Friday, December 11, 2009

Maitha Tea Time.

I dedicate this post to my favorite niece Princess Maitha, she lives in Abu Dhabi, U.A.E. My dream is to be with her for a whole year and let her know what our traditions are in America, and teach her how to do pastries. Miss you little one but one day maybe we might have time for us to play tea and make Auntie Maria's cookies. For now I only can offer you my pics and show you my creations. They were fun making and they taste sooooo good. Sis, you are going to have to tell your kids the story about the Gingerbread man, when he ran away. Hope everyone has family close to their hearts and teach those little ones how fun the Holidays are. Since my only son is young and is a teenager he has other things going. For now I tend to have alone creating things and hoping one day I will have someone to teach.

Love, Auntie Maria

Look!!! They are so small, yummmy...

Run, ruan as fast you can you can not eat me...

Gingerbreadman cookies

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Snowman Deco

Christmas Tree

More Deco.

Ahh my birdy is missing a wing, it's ok I will fix him up.

More Decorations

Buffet area Decorations.

Christmas 2009

I am joining in  with (Cindy) My Romantic Home; in show and tell- my home decorations. This will be our first Christmas here in this house. I am so excited but I am not sure why? If I have my only son finishing H.S. and going off to the Marines hopefully or the Air force his undecided at this point. Wishing everyone a great Holiday Season. Will keep in touch, I will be very busy this weekend is my craft show, will be posting pics of that event, looking forward to it.

If you are in Las Vegas area stop by I will be in Boulder City, NV a small City next to the damb area. Ciao


Friday, November 20, 2009

Ooh la, la, Petite Cherie!: Tassel Snowman

Ooh la, la, Petite Cherie!: Tassel Snowman

Tassel Snowman

Friday Show and Tell Candy Snowman

Today is Friday Show and Tell, by My Romantic Home. Today I am featuring my hand made tassel I made of peppermint colors. Red and White, I think he is so cute. In the following days I shall be giving away a free tassel. I just hope I get people interested in my blog since I am new at this.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Side view of Shabby Chic White Chest.

White Chest

Fall Project in the works

Hello everyone, Happy Thursday can you believe it a week from today, most of us in the United Stated will be having Turkey with our families. WOW! where did the time go. Well here I am late again in posting my crastion. I want to show everyone how my Fall project is finally coming along. I only need the hardware stuff. I am still letting it dry a bit. Hope everyone likes the new Shabby White Chest, add to my "Barbie Room". It makes it more Shabby Chic don't you agree?


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Check this wonderful Blog

 Bobby pins board walk.: Jan has a exciting story to tell you about Hedge Apples, I did not know what they were. I seen them at the store for deisplays but did not know the story behind them or how they grew. You live and learn more everyday in life.


bobbypinsboardwalk: Wine Lover's deLIGHT

bobbypinsboardwalk: Wine Lover's deLIGHT

Monday, November 16, 2009

My Red Robin & Cage

Bird Cage

Hello everyon, Hope you all had a great weekend. I did but it has been very busy lately. Today I would like to share my bird cage. This bird cage has a small history, about 5 years ago I purchased this brownishtan color bird cage. Then I painted it darker brown. Did not seem to like it anymore and wanted to get reid of it. But for some reason every time we would place it in the garage it would make it's way back inside the house. Then one day just recently, I said ok this cage seems to be a keeper so let's see if I can give it life. One day while in the thrift sore I found a baggy of several items wrapped up for .50 cents, there in that baggy was a red robin. Then it clicked; Oh! I know where you bleong, so I purchased the baggie and took it home. I painted the cage white and put some decorations around it. Look at the change what a wonderful Christmas display came out of that bird cage. I did not take before pictures of that ugly brown cage, so you would have to imagine it ok. Hope you like my bird cage. Ciao


Thursday, November 12, 2009

My Barbie Room

Hope everyone is having a great week, finally Friday is here and I would like to share my Show and Tell from My Romantic Home by Cindy.

Along my adult life, I met a wonderful person named Kinman in one of my jobs, Kinman was amazing, later he introduced me to his wife Stacey we became very close we became good friends. Well long story cut short she introduced me to a hobby she had.  Collecting "Barbies" WOW!! I was captured by such beauty of a doll she told me we are never to old to play dolls. I agreed and I have been collecting my own collection of Barbies  not only did she teach me the beauty of these dolls but the detail that is put into each doll that captures your feelings in life. I am not sure if it's an age thing or maturity. What ever the reason I love these dolls can't seem to have to many of them. Anyway, I have a special room for them and hopefully when my nieces come over to visit one day we will get to play  (They live out of the country) that's why I say one day. Well anyways I have added a "Chandalier" to the room and it is the cutiest thing you could imagine, it has tea cups. Yup! you heard right "Tea Cups and Saucers" it is very cute. That is my show and tell for this lovely Friday. I think it needs to be lowered a bit but my husband says no, I say yes, What do think? Anyone care for some tea? Ciao Maria

with lights on....

I like the light bulbs when they are off better, the lighting is not so great at night, I think it gives it more of a charm when they are off. What do you think? Don't miss next weeks show and tell. I may have my Barbie Christmas tree up it will be the first time I will put up it up, we are all looking forward to the outcome of that. Ciao everyone hope you all have a great weekend, we are finally getting cold weather here in Las Vegas.


The Creation Process

This is how it was bare.

It looks great! Don't you think?

I did not realize the it but the "Barbie" in the background seems to look like my sister Ruth, that is one of her posses. Hehehhaa...


This one is for me.

Ruth Scare Crow

Hay Sis, hope you like your scare crow.

Cathy Scare Crow

This is my older Sister Cathy:

Scare Crow Project

Hello everyone: After being gone for several days and weeks I am back. During my absent time I have created three scare crows a new projects of tassels. I had read some blogger 's have done so many creations that I decided I wanted to do one. So these are my finished projects. I have named them my two sisters name and mine. Because I made three so each of my sisters will receive one, let's see if they choose the one with their name. But most of all I hope they like them as much as I enjoyed making them. Next year if I have more followers in my blog, I will send one to my first follower who's name shall be posted. Good luck to everyone and remember 2010 you can be the winner. Ciao


Thursday, October 29, 2009

Holly Princess Crown

This is the Holly Princess Crown.

Princess Crowns handmade

These are the crowns I hand made for those little princess during Christmas. Each crown has been given a name I hope you like them. A creation from Auntie Maria. This is the Candy Cane Princess crown.


It seems the Holidays are upon us, for the past two days it's been windy and cold. It sounds odd but truthful, especially here in Las Vegas when we have so much hot weather, just a breeze of wind and we get cold. This time it was really cold. In a way it is good because it brings out the Holiday spirit out. I still have not had a chance to finish that chest with the weather, so during that time I have been doing other things. I built my first display stand that I will share with you in a minute. It is a Christmas stand and I liked it so much that I painted it white and green, I also made some crowns to sell in our up coming Christmas Train Fair that Boulder City puts up every year. I hope a lot of people do come. I will post the announcement as the time gets closer for those who wish to come and visit us, stop by and say hello and hopefully you will like the crafts I will be selling.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I have not had any luck in finding lienes so that collection would have to wait.