Friday, December 11, 2009

Maitha Tea Time.

I dedicate this post to my favorite niece Princess Maitha, she lives in Abu Dhabi, U.A.E. My dream is to be with her for a whole year and let her know what our traditions are in America, and teach her how to do pastries. Miss you little one but one day maybe we might have time for us to play tea and make Auntie Maria's cookies. For now I only can offer you my pics and show you my creations. They were fun making and they taste sooooo good. Sis, you are going to have to tell your kids the story about the Gingerbread man, when he ran away. Hope everyone has family close to their hearts and teach those little ones how fun the Holidays are. Since my only son is young and is a teenager he has other things going. For now I tend to have alone creating things and hoping one day I will have someone to teach.

Love, Auntie Maria


Ruth said...

Oh, Sis! Your the best! I bet Maitha would love to make and help you eat those cookies. I want to eat one myself, they are so tiny, one won't be enough I'd have to eat them all. I'll let her see your post and have her reply but excuse her spelling ok she is eight and it is her second language but she's pretty good at it.

Maitha said...

Thank you anty mariya vary much for this post & for the cookes i olso miss you one day i want to vizit amerca i olso want to learn how to make letil man cookes. I love you vary much.