Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Exciting News

I would like to share some excitement for this year with everyone. This years goal is to set up a Esty account and sell some of my antique treasuers that I give a lift to. If anyone is intrested in an item let me know or visit me in Later on this month I will be posting my store name in Esty so you may find me and my Treasuers.

Just to get started I will post a picture of some small chairs I will be selling.


Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year 2010!!!

Finally, the clock struck 12:00p.m. Hope everyone had a wonderful welcoming to 2010. I am looking forward to a wonderful and eventful year.

I been reading some of the blogs and mostly everyone would like to start the New Year with  Resolutions, the first on the list that everyone post is a diet. My New Year Resolution will be the following and including the diet but that be the last one on the list.
Here are my New Year Resolution wishes for 2010.

1-Be patient.
2-Blog more often.
3-Finish my master bedroom in decorating it, finish my Barbie room and craft room. The rest my husband can take care of it.
4-Post and sell items in Esty for these hard tiems we are all having.
5-This one is a challenge plan a trip to see my younger sister in U.A.E.
6-Plan my son's graduation.
7-Make my niece her dream birthday of "Alice in Wonderland".
8-Creat my Mrs. Clause costume before the "Train Show".
9-Save money spend less.
10-Take care of my health watch what I eat, excercise and diet well. Ultimate goal to loose 15lbs by the end of  2010.

Celebrating good buy to 2009.
God Bless everyone,


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

My Dad and niece Dena rolling up dough.

We all pitched in to do Holiday treats even the oldest which is my Dad and the youngest is Dena.

Making Mexican Pasteries for the Holidays

My family and I all making Buñuelos for the holidays, instead of cookies we do something sort of like tortillas with flour and let them dry and fry them. They taste so good, you sprinkle sugar & cinnamon and Wa-la they are so gooood!!!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Updated Barbie Christmas tree

Hello Everyone: I hope you are ready for the holidays because they are just around the corner. I decided that my Barbie Christmas tree need a little more, what do you think? There are some items I added to it, for this year  it is enough, next year  I will be adding more as the years continue. Enjoy your day everyone.


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Antique Santa

Look at this nice Antique Santa I found for only $1.00, good deal hugh.