Thursday, November 12, 2009

My Barbie Room

Hope everyone is having a great week, finally Friday is here and I would like to share my Show and Tell from My Romantic Home by Cindy.

Along my adult life, I met a wonderful person named Kinman in one of my jobs, Kinman was amazing, later he introduced me to his wife Stacey we became very close we became good friends. Well long story cut short she introduced me to a hobby she had.  Collecting "Barbies" WOW!! I was captured by such beauty of a doll she told me we are never to old to play dolls. I agreed and I have been collecting my own collection of Barbies  not only did she teach me the beauty of these dolls but the detail that is put into each doll that captures your feelings in life. I am not sure if it's an age thing or maturity. What ever the reason I love these dolls can't seem to have to many of them. Anyway, I have a special room for them and hopefully when my nieces come over to visit one day we will get to play  (They live out of the country) that's why I say one day. Well anyways I have added a "Chandalier" to the room and it is the cutiest thing you could imagine, it has tea cups. Yup! you heard right "Tea Cups and Saucers" it is very cute. That is my show and tell for this lovely Friday. I think it needs to be lowered a bit but my husband says no, I say yes, What do think? Anyone care for some tea? Ciao Maria


Anonymous said...

I agree with you that it needs to be lowered a bit, as long as a table is beneath it so that you don't run into it -- did you make this item?

I absolutely LOVE it! What a treasure.

Lynda at Elegance Reclaimed said...

Great tea cup chandalier, what fun!

Thanks for sharing and have a GRAND weekend.