Monday, November 16, 2009

Bird Cage

Hello everyon, Hope you all had a great weekend. I did but it has been very busy lately. Today I would like to share my bird cage. This bird cage has a small history, about 5 years ago I purchased this brownishtan color bird cage. Then I painted it darker brown. Did not seem to like it anymore and wanted to get reid of it. But for some reason every time we would place it in the garage it would make it's way back inside the house. Then one day just recently, I said ok this cage seems to be a keeper so let's see if I can give it life. One day while in the thrift sore I found a baggy of several items wrapped up for .50 cents, there in that baggy was a red robin. Then it clicked; Oh! I know where you bleong, so I purchased the baggie and took it home. I painted the cage white and put some decorations around it. Look at the change what a wonderful Christmas display came out of that bird cage. I did not take before pictures of that ugly brown cage, so you would have to imagine it ok. Hope you like my bird cage. Ciao


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